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For many people it’s a natural stone countertop or nothing. Man has not yet come to the point where he can exactly duplicate what nature gives us to appreciate. Since these counter types come directly from the earth you’ll never find 2 that are the same. There will always be variations from one to the other, which makes them so appealing.

Your choice of stone countertops include the following:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Soapstone
  • Slate
  • Limestone

Every stone comes with its own features and personality. While some are quite soft like soapstone, others are very hard and durable like granite.

Soapstone and Limestone

Soapstone and limestone can absorb stains easily and tend to wear quite quickly as time goes by. They are far less common and popular than other countertop options but they do have their own look that some people admire. If you are searching for a counter that is off the beaten track then you may want to consider these stones.


Marble is a wonderful choice for a bathroom and adds a tone of distinction to the room. It’s not recommended for kitchen installments, however, due to its fragile nature. It can cause an amazing transformation in a bathroom and that is why so many people choose this type of countertop over any other for this room.


Granite is a durable countertop and is just about maintenance-free. It’s difficult to damage and since it is made up of so many crystals you’ll find each stone looking quite different. Most granite is available in orange, pink, black, grey and white but you can also occasionally find granite with a blue, brown or green hue. Some of the crystals that can be found in granite include quartz, Mica and feldspar.


A slate countertop offers a non-porous surface that’s easy to clean, requiring even less maintenance than concrete, marble or granite. It can be used in a bathroom, a kitchen or for a backsplash. Slate counters are more uniform in their appearance than many other stone countertops, are extremely durable and are generally priced lower than marble and granite.

Take a look at the function that your stone countertop will have in either the kitchen or the bathroom. If it’s going to be a part of the food preparation activities and exposed to a lot of food acids and oils you’ll want to consider a non-porous type of material that can stand up to stains well. You’ll also need to consider the type of look you’re trying to achieve in the room. Some stones and finishes fit better into a room with a traditional decor while others look absolutely stunning in modern bathrooms and kitchens.

The best thing you can do is stop by to pick out the actual stone slab that you want to have installed. Due to the natural veining and variability of certain stones, you really won’t be able to tell how the stone will look once it’s placed on your counter by only viewing a small square sample. Feel free to drop by to see our selection of natural stone products that can make your bathroom or kitchen dreams come true. Southampton

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