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Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are unique types of counters that are petroleum-based in nature featuring a combination of polyester or acrylic resins along with a filler material. They are easy to repair and they are beautiful to behold. While other types of countertops come with their own limitations, this type is just about as perfect as you can find.

Wood is extremely porous and difficult to clean and over time starts to feel slimy. Ceramic tiles have grout lines that are difficult to clean and marble and granite are porous and need to be sealed approximately once a year.

Solid surface countertops can be joined and cut easily and it’s difficult to see any type of seam line. When you add an integrated sink to this type of surface, you won’t be able to tell where the sink stops and the counter begins. Some of the many benefits of this type of countertop include the following:

Smithtown SolidRenewable – This is one of the best features to be found on countertops of this type. You’ll be able to sand out any scratches easily and if there is heavy damage to the countertop it can be repaired with patches that can be applied seamlessly.

Durable – These counters resist impacts extremely well and are recommended for families with young children.

Non-porous – You won’t have to worry about sealing this surface since its non-porous and easily resists any food borne bacteria, germs and stains.

Lasts for years – You’ll be able to enjoy this countertop for many years to come since it’s renewable.

Feels warm – This counter type feels warmer to the touch than tile or stone.

Completely waterproof – This is an important feature when considering your counter options.

Diversity – Add your own personality to your countertop by ordering specialized fabrication options. With these counters, you can integrate drain boards and trivets into the design.

Mix and match – Complement the unique aesthetics of your home by mixing and matching the colors and patterns. This is the only type of countertop that allows seamless integration of different styles and colors. Now you really can get the countertop of your dreams and the only limits are your imagination.

Patterns and colors – Your choices will seem endless once you start looking at the different designs offered by various manufacturers. While some companies specialize in neutrals with light patterns others carry unique colors that are vibrant and shiny. You definitely won’t have a problem finding exactly what you want when you choose a solid surface countertop for your next kitchen upgrade.

The pattern and color run straight through the counter, which is why you can sand it without fear. For this reason, it has become a go-to choice for many that love its durability features along with its great looks. Smithtown


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