Shopping for Tile?

When it comes to tile, the possibilities are truly endless. With thousands of styles and colors to choose from, you can create the custom look for your kitchen.

How do I start?

1.) Know Yourself.
Knowing your tolerance for maintenance is one of the quickest ways to narrow down your search for floor tile. For ex. most natural stones used for flooring will require periodic maintenance through the form of sealants and polishes, whereas, porcelain and ceramic tiled floors require just routine cleaning.

2.) Know Your Style.
Understand the look you are trying to accomplish. Tiles can create different feels and styles, contemporary styles usually call for a large rectified porcelain tile. Traditional and “old world” has more of a natural stone texture, blended colors, and irregular edging.

3.) Chose a size.
One of the most common misconceptions when selecting a tile is understanding how the size of the tile affects the overall size of the room. Large tiles will create a larger look,not hte opposite as so many think. With tiles coming in larger formats, using them in smaller spaces is a great way to cut down on grout joints and make the room appear larger.

4.) Chose a pattern.
Patterns are a great way to add interest to a floor. Any of our designers will review the many options available to you.

Shopping for tiles can become overwhelming very quickly. There are just too many to consider them all. We carry only the finest manufacturers with a proven record of reliability. Let one of our experts help you sort through the maze of information out there, and decide on which one is right for your project.