Granite is a natural product. It is available in a large variety of colors and patterns. Granite is quarried in its natural form directly from the earth and is cut and processed by machine into slabs then provided to fabricators in slab form.

Because of its extreme hardness and mineral content, granite can be polished to a mirror-like finish using proper machinery and sealers. Natural Granite has a unique fingerprint of color and pattern in each slab. This random appearance creates a distinct beauty for each section of countertop. However, this uniqueness means that there may be color and pattern variations in adjoining sections even if they are cut out of the same slab. The difference is especially apparent where two pieces form a 90 degree corner.

Sections of countertop are bonded together and the seams are readily visible. Stacked edges will also show a visible seam. Granite is extremely hard and has excellent stain, chemical and heat resistance. Granite, because it is a natural substance, contains varying degrees of porosity and fissures (small cracks). For this reason, granite countertops must be periodically sealed. When properly maintained, the beauty and integrity of granite tops are enduring.