The National Kitchen and Bath Association released its kitchen and bath study to predict trends for this year.

While some trends are definitely on the rise, others that were hot (or not so hot) last year are gaining (or losing) momentum. Here is a short list of what will be big in the up-coming months:

  • Tough Counter to Crack. Quartz is back in a big way. People are going for the hard mineral because it is the perfect alternative to granite and marble for low maintenance and high durability in both the kitchen and the bathroom. In fact, 85 percent of NKBA bathroom designers incorporate quartz into their designs.
  • Going Green. While it is important to be eco-friendly, this year people are quite literally going green, especially in bathrooms. The calming, earthier tone saw a rise in popularity late last year; at the beginning of 2010 only about 1 in 7 people requested green in their remodel, but by December 1 in 4 wanted the color.
  • Shake It Up. Shaker-style kitchens – an organized, wood-paneled, cabinet-centric approach design – are having a major comeback. While people are still leaning towards traditional models, the Shaker utilitarian approach has been used by 55% of kitchen remodelers last year.

Home improvement can be both exciting and intimidating. Whether you’re just thinking about remodeling or ready to start, it’s our goal to help you make smart decisions, that fit your lifestyle.