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Granite Countertops

Granite has an appeal to it that cannot be rivaled by any other type of countertop. It is the go-to counter for the rich and famous and many people that are looking for a home will ask if a granite countertop has been installed. Its undeniable beauty comes from the fact that it is a natural stone that has been mined as a slab from the far reaches of the earth. Not only is it beautiful but it’s durable and with the proper care it can last for years.

Natural Look of Granite

Every piece of granite has its own style and dimensions. You can’t find 2 pieces of granite that are exactly alike. It has a natural flowing pattern with amazing veins and it’s definitely worth the price if you can afford it. Many granite distributors polish the stone once it has been received by the fabricator so that the true pattern and finish color become truly apparent. East Hampton Granite


Granite is extremely durable and can virtually last a lifetime with the right care. Because it is somewhat porous, granite needs to be sealed regularly to prevent staining. In most cases you’ll only need to apply the sealant once every year or 2, and it only takes a few minutes to do the job. Once this type of countertop has been sealed you should always treated with the respect it deserves, however, and avoid putting hot pots on it or cutting vegetables directly on it. As long as you follow a few common sense rules you’ll be enjoying your countertop for a very long time.


Granite countertops are extremely easy to maintain. In most cases a dishcloth with warm water is enough to make the counter look spick and span again. If you need something stronger you can use a small amount of dish soap to clean up any spills.

Value for the Money

When you add granite to your kitchen or bathroom decor you’re adding value to your home that will be recognized when you decide to sell it. This type of countertop is actually listed as a feature in the real estate listings because so many people are looking for it. You’ll also get plenty of value from your countertop during the years that you and your family live in your home. You’ll be exposed to the natural wonder of nature every time you step into your kitchen and that alone is priceless.

When it’s time to upgrade your kitchen you should give some serious thought to granite. This is one of our top sellers and for good reason. It offers something special to a kitchen or bathroom that simply cannot be described in words and we highly recommend that you consider this natural stone first. East Hampton


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