Things to consider before choosing a style


Is your kitchen countertop being used heavily? Or mostly as a resting place for takeout? Are there children in your home? Is the countertop susceptible to spills and stains often? These are some things to think about before picking a material. Some are more durable, while some stain easily. It is important to weigh these factors to ensure you choose a countertop style that will fit your home specifically.


Are you looking for a product that has very minimal if any maintenance at all? Would you be up for maintaining your new countertop to keep it looking new? Some countertops are maintenance free, while others need some maintenance to preserve its appearance.


While some countertops might be flawless, they can also be expensive. When it comes to the countertop, be reasonable with your budget, and find a design that you’ll be happy with. Usually finding a balance between budget and style is the smartest route when choosing a design.


The countertop becomes the focal point of your kitchen. You’ll want to stay within the color scheme of your cabinets and tiles.

Engineered Stone – Vetrazzo or Ice Stone brands

  • Man made material
  • Cement poured with glass
  • Unique colors and looks
  • Slabs tend to be smaller so cost would increase
  • for large areas / kitchens
  • Not recommended outdoor

Engineered Stone – Quartz

  • Durable – heat and stain resistant
  • Antibacterial and non porous
  • No maintenance or sealing required
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime or similar warranty usually offered
  • through manufacture
  • No driving to a stone yard to look at and pick slabs


  • Durable natural stone
  • Porous and requires more maintenance
  • Sealing every year recommended
  • Different finishes including: polished, honed, brushed, leathered
  • Each slab is unique and customer has the freedom to view and pick their own slabs


  • Softer and more delicate stone
  • Porous and harder to maintain as a surface
  • Can scratch and stain easily but is more heat resistant
  • Unique veining and characteristics that vary from each lot and sometimes each slab


  • Durable but Soft and can etch or scratch easily
  • More resistant to stains and heat
  • Needs sealing
  • Unique aesthetics per slab
  • Customers can pick their own slabs
  • Will last as an investment in home

Natural Quartzite

  • Durable and more resistant to etching and heat
  • Luxurious and unique with different veining and characteristics with each slab
  • Porous
  • Requires maintenance and sealing
  • Tend to be more expensive than average stones