There’s the option of replacing your cabinets; tearing out the existing layout and building new cabinets custom to your kitchen layout. If the cabinets have been around a long time and are in need of some “wood surgery,” this will most likely be the best route for you. However, if your cabinets are in fairly good condition, and you’re looking for more of a “face-lift,” Refacing might be a good option to consider.

When it comes to refacing, we all think of the typical options for redoing our cabinets: painting or staining the exisiting cabients, or placing covers over the cabinets. And while this type of refacing is affordable, the options and possibilities are limited, and if the existing cabinets are old or worn, covering them up isn’t the best solution.

Now, there’s Refacing&more – a new generation of refacing. With Refacing&more, you have the option of changing your existing cabinets completely, fitting your style. Door and drawer headers are replaced, and exposed ends and frames are resurfaced with wood veneer. Additional accessories are added, such as molding, trim, accents, etc.. The best part? Refacing&more gives you the option add entirely new cabinets to your current kitchen layout. The possibilities are endless!