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Bathroom countertops, just like kitchen countertops, are often the main focal point of the room. When you’re on the search for a new counter for your bathroom you’ll need to look for the perfect mix of durability and aesthetics that is chosen based on your lifestyle.

Unlike the kitchen, however, there are different challenges that present themselves when it comes to a bathroom counter. Your new countertop will be exposed to a lot of moisture and various products that could potentially damage the surface of the counter. Toothpaste, for example, has a certain amount of grit in it and after wiping it off a certain area of the counter time and time again it may wear down the surface. This is especially true if you have young children in the house.

You’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your bathroom countertop. In this room you may want to opt for higher-end choices such as granite or quartz since at times the bathroom counter can end up taking even more of a beating than a kitchen counter.
On the other hand, many people decide to use marble in their bathrooms simply because it is not recommended for the kitchen. Marble has its own look of elegance that is simply breathtaking and can really change the look of the whole room once it’s installed. It will need sealing, however, on a regular basis since it is rather porous. While this surface type is suitable for low-traffic bathrooms, it is not the best choice for busy bathrooms.
Granite bathroom countertops look stunning in any room of the house when you are trying to add a rich, warm appearance. This is a sturdier material than marble yet has its own stunning beauty as well. When you need something that is strong and kid-proof, granite is a great choice for your bathroom.
Quartz countertops also work well in this room and they offer more versatility in terms of color and patterns. You can opt for a solid quartz counter or you can choose one with a pattern resembling marble or granite. If you’re looking for something colorful, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for with quartz. It’s available in just about any color of the rainbow, which is perfect for home decor enthusiasts that want to explore color variations in their bathrooms.
When you’re shopping for a new counter for your bathroom countertops please stop by to see the wide selection of materials we offer. We can also show you the best options for your bathroom based on your lifestyle and the type of look you are trying to achieve. We can explain all of the features and benefits to you so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. With so many different counters available for this room, we can help you narrow down your selection and help take some confusion out of the equation for you.

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